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Everyday hundreds of customers are choosing SmartPlan, the new way to always have the very latest technology. Spreading payments over 3 or 4 years helps company cash flow, and it’s 100% tax deductable.
And don’t forget you can take advantage of the 20% cash back (of the original invoice value of your equipment) when
you take out a new SmartPlan.

Our customers have chosen all sorts of different brands and models of laptops, desktops, PC’s, printers, networking equipment, software, accessories and services to create a package suitable for their business needs.

Applying for SmartPlan is quick and easy. Select your product and equipment and apply for these online, once
you’re approved they will be delivered straight to your door. Alternatively apply for a SmartPlan monthly payment
solution online and when you’re approved you will receive an email and a unique bar code. Simply print out the
email and take it to your nearest store to choose your products.

New and start up businesses can get approved for £3,000 today

Established businesses can get approved for £15,000 today