Frequently asked questions
Q. What is SmartPlan?
A. SmartPlan is a 100% tax deductible monthly payment solution and is a great way for business customers to get the latest technology. With SmartPlan you can choose all the equipment your business needs and you will also have your old computer securely cleansed and recycled.

Unlike purchasing out right, SmartPlan gives you the flexibility to spread the cost over 3 or 4 years and to upgrade your technology with no large upfront payments.
... and when you renew with SmartPlan and a new agreement begins, you'll receive 25% cash back to the hardware value including VAT of your original agreement. Alternatively, you can choose to simply hand them back to us.
Q. How do I apply for SmartPlan?
A. SmartPlan is exclusive to Currys PC World Business.

You can apply in-store or by phone.

In-Store: Applying for SmartPlan in-store takes minutes, all you will need is a credit or debit card in your name.
Call into your nearest Currys PC World Business store and ask a Store Colleague about SmartPlan. They will be happy to help you choose your goods and complete your transaction in minutes.

By Phone: Applying for SmartPlan by phone is easy, call us direct today on 0161 333 2400.
You will need a credit or debit card in your name and your passport.
Our lines are open;
Monday - Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Q. What can I add to my SmartPlan?
A. With SmartPlan you can add all the equipment you need for your business when you select it at your local Currys PC World Business store.
Q. How much can I get approved for with SmartPlan ?
A. SmartPlan is ideal for small businesses and new start up businesses. Not having to make any large upfront payments means you can save your cash and credit limits for other things, keeping your capital working in your business. Start up businesses can get instant approval to spend up to £3,000.

Established businesses can be approved for up to £15,000.
Q. When can I renew my SmartPlan?
A. Once you reach the end of your agreement, you can renew with SmartPlan and get 25% cash back when you return the old equipment. If you prefer not to wait until the end of your agreement, you can renew from month 30 on a 36 month agreement or from month 42 on a 48 month agreement.
All you will need to do is apply in-store, or by phone, and return the old equipment. Please note you won't receive 25% cashback if you choose to renew early.
Alternatively, you may decide to continue to lease the old equipment or simply return it.
Q. How do I return the equipment from my original SmartPlan lease?
A. You can return the old equipment from your original SmartPlan lease by sending it back to us through tracked and insured delivery.
Q. Will I be able to upgrade to the latest technology before my SmartPlan agreement ends?
A. Yes, all SmartPlan customers can upgrade early before the end of their 36 or 48 month term. You can find out how to upgrade early before the end of your agreement by calling 0161 333 2425 and asking our Team Member about early upgrades.
Q. Are there any products excluded from the Cash Back offer?
A. Cash Back is not available on Large Kitchen Appliances including cooking, washing and refrigerating.
Q. How do I make a complaint?
A. We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with our service, and we want you to know we take complaints seriously and use them to review and improve our products and services. You can make a complaint by:

Phone - call us on 0161 333 2400
Online - select contact us in the menu bar
Email - [email protected]
Letter - Customer Support Team, RentSmart Limited, 7th Floor, Oakland House, Talbot Road, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0PQ

If you are not happy with our decision regarding your complaint and wish to take it further you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to review your complaint. You can contact them using the details below:

Phone - 0300 123 9123 Email - [email protected]
Online - (Link opens in a new window)
Letter - The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR.

Alternatively ThinkSmart, a trading name of RentSmart Limited is a member of the Finance & Leasing Association. The FLA offers a complaint resolution scheme based on conciliation, further details can be found at

* Please note the following FAQs are only applicable to applications made from 21st March 2016 to 1st May 2017 for Partnerships, Sole Traders, Churches & Charities.
Q. Why do I have to provide details of my Insurance Cover?*
A. As part of your lease agreement, you must keep your goods insured throughout its term.
Q. When do I have to provide details of my Insurance Cover?*
A. You must provide us with evidence of your proof of cover within 30 days of signing your lease.
Q. Who is the lessor?*
A. RentSmart Limited trading as ThinkSmart is an agent for STB Leasing Limited, the lessor, and acts for and on behalf of STB Leasing Limited.
Q. What will happen if I don’t provide details of my Insurance Cover?*
A. If you are unable to provide proof of cover, then, in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement the lessor (STB Leasing Limited) will take back the risk of loss or damage and your monthly rental payment amount will increase. Please be advised, that we will automatically amend your rental payment amount.
Q. How can I provide ThinkSmart with details of my Insurance Cover?*
A. You can provide details of your Insurance Cover by either calling our Customer Support Team on 0161 333 2400 or by uploading a copy of your Insurance Certificate, together with a special endorsement from your insurer in the ‘Upload Insurance’ section in our Customer Portal.
Q. What is a special endorsement?*
A. A special endorsement is a provision added to an insurance policy to enhance or restrict its coverage. You must add an endorsement to your policy to confirm that your leased goods belong to the lessor, STB Leasing Limited.
Q. What does membership of the Finance and Leasing Association mean?
A.  ThinkSmart, a trading name of RentSmart Limited is a member of the Finance & Leasing Association which means that we abide by the FLA Business Finance Code, a copy is available upon request. As part of our membership we are required to make the FLA Checklist for Business Finance Customers available to you to help you when making your decision regarding choosing the right equipment and leasing deal for you and your business. This checklist can be found at